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Made in France, une porte ouverte sur le monde francophone
Made in France, an open door to the French-speaking world

Youth Registration Form

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NOTE: This waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian, and agreed to in full, for your child’s participation in all MADE IN FRANCE  classes and programs. 

Made in France Classes - June 2021 to June 2022

Made in France takes every precaution to ensure the safety of our students and staff. 
In consideration of my child’s participation in educational programs with Made in France, I hereby discharge and forever hold harmless the Made in France, its staff, instructors, and volunteers, for responsibility for any damages, injuries, or losses during the above-mentioned student’s participation with Made in France education programs. I certify that my child is physically able to participate in all activities for which he/she is enrolled. Made in France assumes no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to occurrences beyond its control.

In case of meeting, I hereby give permission that the above-mentioned student may be given first aid or emergency treatment as needed by staff members. I also give permission for my child to be transported by ambulance or aid car to an emergency center for treatment. In the event that I cannot be contacted, I further consent to medical, surgical and hospital care, treatment and procedures to be performed for my child by a licensed physician or hospital when deemed immediately necessary or advisable by a physician to safeguard my child’s health. I agree that I will not hold Atelier d’Ichere, or any member of its faculty or staff, liable for damages, injuries, or losses during the above-mentioned student’s participation with Made in France Education programs.

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my permission for the Made in France to use, without limitation or obligation, photographs, film footage, tape or video recordings, which may include my child’s image, voice or artwork for purposes of promoting or interpreting Made in France programs.

I understand that failure of my child to follow the teacher’s instructions concerning safety and/or courtesy issues may result in the cancellation of usage privileges. I further understand that damage to equipment and/or the facility due to reckless acts or negligence will be my financial responsibility. 

and Sign-out Policy
In case of meeting, all children ages 11 years and younger must be signed out of every class.


Please contact Made in France staff with any questions or concerns: contact@madeinfrance-usa.org 
No child may attend a class without a completed waiver and liability form. 
Thank you for completing this waiver form and returning it to Made in France staff before the first class. 

Please sign in agreement: